Custom Mouth Guards

Even with regular visits to the dentist, exceptional at home oral hygiene, and a healthy diet, our teeth can become damaged from other events. Clenching and grinding, along with accidents during activities, are common events that cause irreversible harm to the teeth, jaws and the jaw joint.

Clenching and grinding is a common habit, especially during sleep. This function wears the teeth down, a result that cannot be replaced, while also causing tooth sensitivity. Excessive forces are also placed on the teeth and jaws, causing headaches, and causing pain to the teeth, jaw, muscle, neck and jaw joint. Our doctors provide custom fabricated acrylic bite splints to protect and provide relief to your teeth, jaws and jaw joint.

We support our local sports teams, along with playing safe. Injuries to the teeth can occur when least expected. Comfortable mouth guards can protect teeth from breaking, moving or being knocked out. Our doctors will fit a custom sports guard to allow you to play your best, while protecting your teeth from unforeseen injuries.

Bite Splint / Night Guard

Sports Mouth Guard