Success Stories

  • My daughter has seen Dr. Carroll for many years with wonderful care every time. We moved about 50 miles from Grand Rapids and I took her to a closer dentist. When she came out, she was in tears because she did not want to see any other dentist but Dr. Carroll. Now we coordinate our visits to Dr. Carroll and we all come out smiling. Thanks!

  • I have been a patient for 18 years and and could not be happier with the treatment myself and family have received, we have become like family, this is a great place to go.

  • They made my fear subside; I just never went to the right one before!

  • Dr. Carroll provides the utmost in expert care and is a perfectionist in making sure the customer has a healthy, gorgeous smile. I would not consider going to anyone else. He has made certain that his amazing staff is just as passionate about the comfort and results expected for his patients, and they are truly the best! Thanks to all of you… When I leave Dr. Carroll’s office, my smile comes from the inside, which I believe is even more beautiful!

  • I had not been to the dentist in many years, and the Carroll dental team put me at ease for the entire visit. The staff was amazing from the very first phone call through the entire exam and treatment. Everyone is courteous and not judgmental. They really help you to be healthy and happy with your smile. If you are considering a dentist definitely go here!

  • Detailed attention to dental needs. Personal warmth. They value their customers.

  • I am the typical patient that really has a problem with dentists. However, the first time I walked into the office I was greeted and treated as if I was going to a party and I was the guest of honor. Everything from the receptionists to the dental assistants to the doctor himself made my visit feel like anything but a visit to the dentist. I will be continuing my treatment plan with Dr. Carroll. So if you’re not a fan of the dentist office like me, go to Dr. Carroll where you’ll get first class treatment.



Before and After: Case Study One

Lori is a 34 year old, who was born without her lateral front incisors (the teeth next to the front two teeth). She has always had large gaps that had bothered her since she was a teenager. She had been given several options for orthodontic treatment with implants for as much as $8000, and many months of appointments. We provided a an alternative treatment plan of cosmetic bonding, which took less than an hour and cost less than $1000. She was amazed and ecstatic, a fun case with great results.


Before and After: Case Study Two

Seth is a 17 year old, with severe spacing. He was very unhappy with his smile. He came to our office complaining of all the expensive options he had been presented with. We offered him an alternative of cosmetic bonding at a much lower price and proceeded with treatment. The results were great and he smiled all the way out the office and during his following teeth cleaning all he could talk about was how many people said his smile looked great.


Before and After: Case Study Three

Scott is a 46 year old, who’s wife had been complaining about his teeth. He did not want to go through with orthodontic treatment and full crowns. By placing veneers on his front 6 teeth he was out and smiling within 2 weeks, without spending months of treatment and much less money. He was so pleased he had his family portrait taken over with his new smile.


Before and After: Case Study Four

A 27 year old young man who wanted to improve his smile appearance. He had his six front teeth converted to conservative porcelain crowns.